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Prepare yourself with a mood of anticipation. You can contact us directly over the phone or through the "Contact Us" form link below. Please fill in the required information and we will ask the project manager to contact you and arrange a meeting.
The costs of having a website designed are mainly divided into "website construction costs" and "annual website maintenance costs." Website construction costs include visual layout planning and design, requirements of digital function developments, and the provision of website backend maintenance operations.
The contents in a website project development include : post-contract website demand planning proposal, organization of brand articles and visual objects, visual planning of a frontend website layout , customized backend function development, and the provision of a full year’s maintenance according to the contract.
We suggest that you can apply for a URL and a website host by yourself if you can order and pay by credit card online.

Some customers could be served by WeLink. We can also assist with the application.

If you need our assistance in the registration process, just provide the domain name (www. The Name You
We will share the maintenance of the website by confirming with you every year whether you want to renew your contract.

We will charge a maintenance fee in accordance with the website maintenance costs.

If you wish to manage your own website in the future, we will also assist you with the "Website Transfer" for free. We will fill in the relevant application information for you, and then you will be responsible for the subsequent renewal and management.

※ For some website transfers, the registrar will charge a transfer fee, (topnotch URL, such as .com and .net
Responsive Web Design, a.k.a. Mobile Web Design , is an advantaged technology that responds to the pervasive strengths of smartphones and tablets in the market. Simply put, RWD is a Web technology using CSS3+JQuery to let cell phones, tablets, and computer websites use the graphs, contents and database from the same website.
Most customers believe that once a website has been set up, it can be found immediately. In fact, this is a common misconception. In order for a website to be ranked high in Google and found, it must accumulate the following conditions in order to be found by search engines as soon as possible:

1.Make sure your website is in the Google index
2.The amount of lingering time a visitor spends on the website is an indication of how valuable its contents are
3.Update the website frequently to keep the content fresh at all times.
4.Number of external links: e.g., blogger testimonials , or URL links to the website from other social platforms.
5.Do you have a well-expressed description of and keywords for your website?
6.The appropriateness of the keyword layout of the textual information on the website.
7. Is the website a responsive web design (RWD)?

There are many factors that affect a website's searchability, and the rules of search engines are constantly changing. RWD websites created by WeLink are based on Google's website quality guide, which can perform basic SEO optimization and are conducive to their higher searchability ranking in search engines.

Do you think SEO just means a generation of many clicks?
SEO can be divided into three main themes: website structure, content management (article relevance), and external links.
WeLink's website design fee includes the charges of basic SEO,i.e. the establishment of the entire physique of the website, In our backend management system,fields have been set up that allow our clients to easily enter meta tags. It focuses on not only the setting up of the whole website, but also the establishment of each unit according to their different needs, so the SEO can be well performed.

Operating SEO requires professional knowledge, so if you want to have specific requirements or require certain target keywords, we will provide other pricing information for you.
Website construction requires a series of discussions, followed by project planning, visual designers’ blueprints, frontend and backend engineers’ efforts at each stage of production.

A website designed by WeLink is mainly divided into two stages: "frontend layout design" and "backend program writing." We will confirm the steps and sections of each stage with our clients before proceeding to the next step of planning.

Therefore, to ensure customer satisfaction, communication and revision actions need a considerable amount of time.

The production time for each stage is about 30 working days, but the time taken to discuss and gather design information and proofread the layout will affect the overall process.

We will conduct relevant tests on the functions of the website backend program after it is written, and each process takes time to run to ensure that the digital resources can be operated to the satisfaction of customers.

The operation of the backend is actually not difficult at all. If you have ever used Word or blogs, you will get started easily. The backend provided by WeLink is quite user-friendly.

Neither complicated programming language nor a profound technical information background is required. You can update the content of the website immediately by filling the part you want to modify in the corresponding frontend fields.

Mainland China is a special enclosed market, where the Internet is in principle only open to the Chinese people and all content is controlled. Therefore, whether it can be seen or not requires actual testing to know; customers on the same website host may have their websites blocked by China due to factors such as web content.

If your website must be seen in Mainland China for business development purposes, you must pass the "ICP Filing" approved by the official law of Mainland China and use a website host in Mainland China to ensure that your company’s website can be seen in Mainland China.